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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kiesha Abrahams Parents Arrested

Police allege that Kiesha Abrahams was killed by her mother and step-father in their Sydney unit between July 20 and 27 2010. They further allege that they kept her body in the unit for three days before taking it in a suitcase to an isolated spot in the bush and buried her there. In the middle of the night, carrying a bunch of flowers, Kristi Abrahams 28 and Robert Smith 31 walked into a police trap.

It was Kiesha's seventh birthday on Thursday and police got a tip that the couple would visit the child's burial site on that day and when they did, 30 police officers were waiting.

The couple told friends they had booked themselves into a motel in the city on Thursday night and Smith's mother dropped them off at Parramatta railway station. But they had no intentions of going to the city, instead, they got on a train headed in the opposite direction and got off at Mt Druitt station.

Police allege they bought a bunch of flowers at a local kiosk and took a taxi to nearby Shalvey, where they then set off on foot into the bush. The couple spent hours in the area of Kiesha's grave and around 1am when they were on their way back, police emerged from the bush and arrested them. Both will reappear at Penrith Local Court next Friday.