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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gaddafi's Sons Try to Make a Deal

Colonel Gaddafi's sons Saif and brother Saadi have approached the West to do a deal - if they will stop bombing Libya, their father would step down and they would oversee a 'transitional democracy'. But no one is interested - Britain, Italy and Greece have all said that Gaddafi's sons will never play a role in the future of Libya. With Gaddafi's foreign minister Musa Kusa already gone and other senior officials ready to leave, London educated Saif must be getting desperate.

Of Gaddafi's seven sons, Khamis and Mutuassim are hardliners who are opposed to any change. Khamis is the leader of an elite commando unit and last month there was a rumour that he had been killed in a suicide jet attack on Gaddafi's compound but the regime insists he is still alive. Mutassim is a national security advisor and reported rival to Saif. So Gaddafi has two sons ready to jump ship and two sons prepared to continue the fight.

Meanwhile the rebels seem to be losing the battle. Gaddafi forces using tanks and snipers have inflicted a 'massacre' on the city of Misrata and left corpses in the streets and hospitals overflowing. The government denies attacking civilians in the city - they said they were fighting armed gangs linked to al Qaeda.

But a rebel spokesman said "The shelling started in the early hours of Monday morning and it's continuing, using mortars and artillery - this is pure terrorism - the shelling is targeting residential areas" he told Reuters by phone. But with no journalists allowed into the area, all news reports have not been verified.