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Monday, April 4, 2011

Pauline Hanson Still Not Out

Pauline Hanson is still in the running for a seat in the Upper House of NSW and it's causing a war between the Greens and the Labor Party. It's now down to the wire for the last seat and it's between Labor, the Greens, and Pauline. Anthony Albanese blames the Greens for Pauline Hanson's strong showing, he's furious that they didn't preference Labor. But the Greens say 'we know better, preferences never get counted in the Upper House.'

Greens Leader Bob Brown says Labor is responsible for the situation. "The Labor Party repeatedly said they would preference the Greens but, as far as we know, in the majority of seats they did not." He added "Labor's broken promise on preferences is Pauline Hanson's only chance on winning a seat."

Mr Albanese said that some of the Greens' policies were "extreme." "The Greens tend to be a grab-bag of issues, do not have a coherent policy that adds up and don't try to represent the majority of the Australian people," he said. Julia Gillard also attacked the Greens last week when she said they were out of touch with the values of everyday Australians.

On 20 August 2003 Pauline Hanson was convicted of electoral fraud and received a three year sentence. On 6 November 2003 the Queensland Court of Appeal quashed all her convictions and she walked out of jail. Something important happened in the recent NSW election, the electorate showed their disgust for Labor, turned away from the Greens and voted for a woman who was sent to jail for speaking her mind. She probably won't win the seat but she sure had a lot of people worried there for a while.