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Friday, June 24, 2011

Richo Major Player in Kevin Rudd's Demise

Today is the 12 month anniversary of Kevin Rudd's sacking. Graham Richardson has admitted to being a “major player” in his political assassination and said he would do it all over again. “I was there on the phone with a few people offering my view of the world” he said. He also said that Labor MPs would rather “go over a cliff” with Julia Gillard than have him back in the top job.

Julia Gillard is in dire straights and in urgent need of a friend and “Richo” has come to her rescue to tell the people there will be no challenge to her leadership, as leader, she's home and hosed.

Although Richardson could be described as having a “colourful past” after his close friendship with Renee Rivkin, when he speaks, people usually listen. It’s clear that he doesn’t like Kevin Rudd and tells us it took just two days of active plotting to roll him. He firmly believed at the time that Rudd wouldn’t win as many seats as Julia Gillard, a view many would argue with today.

There will be no move against Julia Gillard, he says, she will will go to the next election as PM. The strongest threat to the Labor Party he thinks is Andrew Wilkie who is holding the government to ransom over poker-machine reform. He added “But make no mistake, without a quick turnaround in the polls, Labor is facing electoral slaughter”.