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Monday, June 13, 2011

Julia Gillard and Tim Mathieson on 60 Minutes

I wonder how many Australians tuned into 60 Minutes last night to see our Prime Minister and her live-in lover bare their souls and declare their love for each other. When Australia's first bloke Tim Mathieson was asked if he was in love with Julia Gillard he said "Yes, absolutely." He would like at some point to marry her but "I want to do the asking" and reiterated "certainly not any time soon."

So what's the problem, why doesn't he ask her? When Charles Wooley made reference to the royal wedding and suggested another wedding might be on the cards he said "One wedding I think is enough this year."

His attitude tells us that Chauvinism is still very much alive and well in Australia and unfortunately for Julia, she's hooked up with an Australian man who believes women have no place in a man's shed. As they approached the Lodge's shed, Julia said "No girls allowed.......Ill let you two enjoy the shed." Mathieson said "She's doing as she's told, that's really good." Wow, what a big man he is and how embarrassing to see our Prime Minister waiting outside like a naughty child, not game to enter.

Mathieson must be pinching himself at his good luck, a lowly hairdresser rubbing shoulders with royalty and world leaders. They were the first de facto couple to be received by the Japanese emperor - what an honour for Australia.

We don't know why Australia's first couple went on 60 minutes last night but we can speculate. Julia Gillard's popularity with the people is at an all-time low and perhaps the back room boys thought it would give her a much needed lift in the polls. But for me, it had the opposite effect, I now feel sorry for Julia Gillard that she has chosen a man who has little regard for her reputation and chooses to avoid any commitment. He is very happy to just keep enjoying the ride.