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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

White Witch Claims Fertility Success

An English couple who had been trying to have a baby for two years without success had two babies 15 months apart after accepting treatment from a white witch. Claire Anderson 28 and her husband Stephen 41, were devastated to learn that it was unlikely they would ever conceive a child naturally because Claire suffered from polycystic ovaries and her husband had a very low sperm count. Then Claire met Wendy Binks - also known as a white witch - when she accompanied her sister to get her belly button pierced at her "Enchanted" shop. Clare agreed to a reading with Ms Binks who immediately picked up on Claire's problem and insisted that she saw baby blue ribbons in her future.

They visited the high priestess several times, undergoing cleansing and fertility spells and were given a specially designed lunar sex schedule to follow. As time went on, they changed to a healthy eating regime, Claire lost 2 stone and her husband stopped carrying his mobile phone in his pocket. Six months later Claire was pregnant with a baby girl, six months after that, she was pregnant will a boy and a third child is predicted soon.

Wendy Binks, the high priestess of her coven said "Claire's not the only one I've had success with, but she's the only who has admitted that pagenism or magic helped her and I think Stephen saw that his wife was desperate."