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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Anders Breivik tells us why

Anders Breivik told police he committed the murders to defend Norway and Europe against Muslim domination and pleaded not guilty on the grounds of "necessity."  Under Norwegian law, "necessity" means that a person cannot be punished for taking action to defend another person or another person's property from an otherwise unavoidable danger, and in his mind, Islam is that danger.

Breivik sees himself as a crusader who has saved his beloved Norway from civil war with Islam.  He said he felt compelled to eliminate the people who would continue to pursue multiculturalism and the youth wing of the Norwegian Labour Party was akin to the Hitler Youth Movement, intent on indoctrinating young people into hating Norway's cultural heritage.

He said Sarkozy, Merkel and Cameron had all admitted that multiculturalism had failed in Europe and that Muslim immigrants have caused problems for host countries around the world.  He said that any dissent about multiculturalism was being covered up by "cultural elites" - academics, journalists and liberal politicians.

This trial is important because it shows us through this tragic event, just how serious multiculturalism has become and we must speak the truth - Muslims have caused trouble for their host countries and to deny it would be a lie.  The Dutch have already passed new laws, Muslims must speak Dutch and prove a basic salary scale before being allowed to join relatives already there.

We see Breivik sobbing in court yesterday while watching a video he created and wonder why.  He said it made him think about his country and how "my ethnic group is dying."  He said later "I know what I have done is gruesome and that I have caused pain to thousands of people.... but it was necessary and I would do it again."