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Friday, April 20, 2012

Sydney Bikie Wars

Sam Ibrahim

There has been a total of 52 shootings in Sydney so far this year and 21 this month.  Gun crime is now out of control and Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione can't fix it.  He's frustrated and angry that his plan to saturate the suburbs with an extra 100 police officers hasn't worked, it fact it's got worse - 5 private homes shot at and one machine gun incident in one night.    The special task force he set up, Strike Force Kennara, has hit a wall,  nobody knows anything - not the home owners being shot at, not their friends and family or anyone who witnessed the shootings.

There is a war going on between the Hells Angels and the Nomads and on Tuesday, the parents of a high ranking bikie member were targeted.  Their son is currently in prison on serious firearm and drug charges.  He was arrested last month by detectives from the Middle-Eastern Crime Squad.

Last month police discovered 220 Glock pistols came into the country via gun parts manufactured in Austria and imported through a gun dealer in Germany. Once the parts arrive, they are easily assembled. Police Commissioner Scipione said: “This isn’t just a border security issue, this is a national security issue.”   So how do they do it? 

Criminal groups have been buying up Australia Post franchises so they can bring whatever they like into the country, mainly drugs and guns and there are 4,500 post offices in Australia. 

To become a post office franchisee isn't all that difficult. The licence costs between $250,000 and $900,000. They ask the applicant to list any bankruptcies, convictions or criminal charges pending and must undergo a police character check and an ASIC company check.  Corrupt Customs officials are also responsible for the glut of firearms now circulating in the city.

NSW Police Gang Squad said that the recruitment of 60 Bandido members from three of its Sydney chapters in February last year, including the entire Bandidos Parramatta branch, cost the Hells Angels $6 million. That would translate to $100,000 for every Bandido adopting the flying skull logo of the Hells Angels. Switching clubs is considered a serious transgression and often leads to violence, hence the payout.  But a lot must have happened since then.

The Hells Angels and Comancheros have been feuding since the Comancheros firebombed a Hells Angels tattoo parlour in 2008. The fatal airport brawl of March 2009 and subsequent revenge shooting of Hells Angels member Peter Zervas were allegedly results of the firebombing. 

Since its inception in the United States in 1940, the Hells Angels - which now boasts 230 chapters in 27 countries - has adopted a corporate approach to its business dealings.

Last night a home at Bella Vista was sprayed with 8 bullets but their target, former Nomads boss Sam Ibrahim and his family, don’t live there anymore.