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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Julian Assange and The World Tomorrow

It's been a long time since Julian Assange was in the headlines, one could say he's had a huge fall from grace - once in the news almost every day to not being in the news at all.  But it seems he's survived his funding crisis and has made a television series called The World Tomorrow. There will be twelve episodes and Assange says the show will have a "frank and irreverent tone."

The first episode will be broadcast next Tuesday, April 17, on Russia Today and also on line.  Russia Today is one of its broadcast licencees and will broadcast the show in English, Spanish and Arabic.

Nobody knows who his first guest will be but he promises "an eclectic range of guests who are stamping their mark on the future - politicians, revolutionaries, intellectuals, artists and visionaries."

The show will be produced by Quick Roll Productions, a company established by Assange and Dartmouth Films, an independent film maker.

It could be said that America has checkmated Assange for releasing thousands of their diplomatic cables.  The British are loathe to send him back to Sweden to face rape and sexual assault charges because they are worried that America will eventually take him back to the US, put him in jail, and throw away the key.  He's been under house arrest now for 500 days and still the British Supreme Court has not made a judgement.

So just when you thought that Julian Assange's star has fallen to earth, it's now likely the world will be focusing on this television event that has the potential of cutting through all the spin and producing truthful, world-shifting ideas.