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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Allison Bayden-Clay Rumours

Police are having a hard time finding the person or persons who murdered Allison Bayden-Clay, and the public want to know why it's taking so long.  Everyone has an opinion, including Ipswich Councillor Paul Tully.

Yesterday he wrote in his blog "Although police have a prime suspect for the murder and apparently have no doubt whatsoever about that person's guilt, they are apparently facing some serious evidentiary problems in proving their case beyond reasonable doubt before a judge and jury."

"If the evidence of a reluctant accessory would overcome that evidentiary difficulty and ensure that the guilty party is brought to justice, it would be a powerful inducement to a person in such a predicament to give evidence against the murderer in exchange for an iron-clad deal to give them legal immunity from prosecution."

But Attorney General Jarrod Bleijie said he certainly has the power to grant immunity, and has done so in the past, but has not been approached by prosecution.  "If anything does come to me, I've got to look at the evidence and make an assessment on it" he said.

So where did Paul Tully get his information?  He said his sources were "reliable but not impeccable."