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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Matthew Milat sentenced to 30 years

Even though Matthew Mueleman had virtually no contact with his uncle, serial killer Ivan Milat, he was very proud of him.  So proud in fact that he wanted to share the same name, so he changed it to Matthew Milat.  Yesterday a judge gave him the toughest sentence ever handed down to a juvenile - 42 years maximum with a 30 year minimum.  Because he committed the crime before he was an adult, it saved him from the same fate as his uncle - life in prison.

Ivan Milat's victims were discovered in the Belanglo Forest and that's where Matthew Milat took his childhood friend David Auchterlonie, to inflict upon him 15 minutes of unspeakable torture, just for kicks.  Audio recorded on a mobile phone tells of the horrific cruelty that took place before he finally died - a boy who thought Milat was his friend, crying out in agony and begging for mercy.

But there was no mercy and no remorse, in fact Milat gloated over the murder and wrote poems about it.  He told friends "You know me, you know my family, you know the last name Milat, I did what they do."

He has had little contact with the large Milat family but Ivan's brother Bill and his uncle Chris came to the court for sentencing.  But Matthew, like his uncle Ivan, showed no emotion in the dock as the sentence was handed down.  The 'nature versus nurture' argument could well apply to this case.

Co-offender Cohen Klein who was strongly influenced by Milat's dominant personality, was nevertheless a willing participant, and was sentenced to a minimum of 22 years.