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Monday, June 11, 2012

Kerri-Anne Kennerley diagnosed with breast cancer

It's been a week since Kerri-Anne Kennerley was diagnosed with breast cancer but she will wait until the final of Dancing With The Stars before having surgery.   "I didn't have any risk factors" she said "that's why I thought it could never happen to me, I've always looked after myself, but here I am."

She said she was glad to leave the sinking ship of Channel 9.  Executives were stressed out, she said, being chased by a number of banks who wanted their debts repaid.  But that's no excuse for the way she was treated.  Managing Director Jeff Browne didn't have the courage to tell her to her face that she was finished and Sonia Kruger would take her place, he took the cowards way out and let her read about it in a newspaper.

Channel 9 bosses were concerned that "no one was watching" because the show was stale, but Sonia Kruger has struggled with executive producer Louisa Hatfield who wants the show to be "fresh."  Kruger co-hosts Mornings with David Campbell who is the son of rocker Jimmy Barnes.

But Kerri-Anne's decision to switch to Channel 7 has turned out well and her future looks bright.  They plan to give her a show in prime-time which will surely turn Kruger green with envy.  Kruger has made several pilots for Channel 7 over the years but they all failed to get off the ground.  They wanted her to continue with Dancing With The Stars but she said "I needed a new challenge, they didn't really have the vehicle to offer anything else."

As Kerri-Anne enters a frightening new chapter in her life, we wish her well.