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Monday, June 4, 2012

Grant Hackett's fall from grace

To her credit, Candice Alley has refused to comment on her split with husband Grant Hackett.  She has the power to destroy him completely by relating exactly what happened on that terrifying night he trashed their apartment while his little children looked on.

The pictures released are so shocking, the destruction he caused must have taken a very long time and the terror he caused his wife and children will no doubt stay with them forever.

And how ironic that he was an ambassador for the Allanah and Madeline Foundation, set up to speak out about violence against women.  "If you suspect violence is occurring, stand up and say something" he said in a 2009 magazine campaign.  He is no longer their ambassador.

And he is no longer the public face of Westpac, they didn't renew his contract in February but he still remains in their employ.  A Westpac spokesman said Hackett would now have time to focus on his full-time duties as an executive with the bank.  "Grant has been a Westpac ambassador for nearly 13 years, an employee for four years and like any employee, we want to support Grant during this difficult time."

Channel 9 who also employs Hackett, is standing by him and he will be part of the team going to the London Olympics.

Grant Hackett is a true champion and was one of the greatest distance swimmers in history.  He won gold at the Sydney Olympics for the men's 1500m freestyle and the men's relay, and again in Athens in 2004.   He has joined the list of other sporting heroes who seem to have difficulty maintaining a happy existence outside the spotlight.