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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Brynne Edelsten's My Bedazzled Life

Geoffrey Edelsten is described as a "colourful character."  Once a doctor who changed doctor's surgeries into 'superclinics', open 24 hours a day with chandeliers, grand pianos and bulk billing, the high flyer eventually spent a year in jail for hiring hitman Christopher Dale Flannery to assault a former patient.  He reportedly suffered a heart attack the day after he was struck off the medical roll in Victoria in 1992.

But in 2009 he re-emerged into the spotlight.  He took his fiance, American Byrnne Gordon, to the Brownlow Medal Awards and when she walked down the red carpet on his arm in that jaw-dropping dress with a crystal-encrusted bra, everyone noticed.  The comments she received the next day were cruel but totally predictable, we hadn't seen anything quite that daring before.

When Brynne was invited to appear on Dancing With the Stars, she struggled and the judges were scathing.  Josh Horner said "That was frightening, I don't know what this step was, it looked like you were vomiting up something, you looked like a bedazzled sack of potatoes rolling down on the floor, it was shocking."  The audience booed.

Then judge Helen Richie had a go "You are a sweet lady but you are uncoordinated, I'm sorry but you do lack co-ordination."  But it was show host Sonya Kruger who took the cake "I just want to say, personally I have a lot of respect for you, I think it's great that you get on so well with your dad, it's lovely."

But the snide remarks backfired because the general public had made their decision, this girl was alright and to lay off.

And with this thought in mind, Brynne is happy with her new reality show on Channel 7.  Brynne - My Bedazzled Life will take "a candid look into the outrageous, glamorous, unintentionally hilarious and often touching life of Brynne Edelsten and her multimillionaire husband Geoffrey."  It will follow the day to day life of one of Australia's most intriguing women as she attempts to run her own company and launch a career into acting.

Executive Producer Dan Meenan and producer, writer and director Rob Menzies said the show will air later this year.