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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

DJs not to blame for Jacintha Saldanha's death

Mel Greig

Everyone is still running for cover over the tragic death of British nurse Jacintha Saldanha, including the two DJs who made the prank call to the London hospital.  

Mel Greig and Michael Christian made unpaid television appearances last night and although visibly distraught, said they were not ultimately responsible for the stunt - it was up to management to okay everything they did before it went to air.  Christian said there was a process in place for what goes to air and the royal prank "was put through every filter that everything else is put through" which includes an internal legal review.

Michael Christian

Apparently the pair were expecting the hospital to spot the prank and hang up on them. Greig said "We thought a hundred people before would have tried it .......  it was such a silly idea and the accents were terrible and not for a second did we expect to speak to Kate, let alone have a conversation with anyone at the hospital, we wanted to be hung up on."

Chief Executive of Southern Cross Austereo Rhys Holleran said "We don't claim to be perfect and always strive to do better.  We have initiated a detailed and rigorous review of our policies and procedures. We are also providing support for our people who are deeply saddened by this tragic and unforeseen event."

There is a poll in the Sydney Morning Herald this morning with reads: Has your opinion of 2DayFM DJs changed after watching them interviewed on television last night?  67 per cent said no, they're just as much to blame as anyone.