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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Robert Hughes to face child sex charges

Sarah Monahan told A Current Affair in March 2010 that Robert Hughes, the star of the television series Hey Dad had sexually abused her for seven years.  

Sarah Today

"I guess I was the smallest and I know I wasn't the only one."  Years of abuse sent her almost over the edge.  "I remember at school they actually demanded that I see a psychiatrist.  In art classes I could draw perfect penises and they were like, there's something wrong with this girl drawing stuff like that at such an early age, I think I was at the point of being suicidal."  

But she didn't get any support from her employers.  Former executive producer Gary Reilly said he had no knowledge of what was going on but he did hear rumours about something happening to another child and she was given a chaperone.

"They said they didn't know but they knew, and it was always kept quiet because it was the most successful television show and people don't want to know about that" Sarah said.  The abuse began when she was six and continued until she was thirteen, when she had enough courage to tell him to stop.  Once he realized he'd lost control, he turned nasty and bombarded her with insults.

Hughes in Sydney with his wife yesterday

Sarah Monahan, who now lives in America, must be a happy woman today.  Robert Hughes flew into Sydney on Thursday after his extradition from London and charged with 11 child sex offences against five alleged victims over a six year period dating back to 1984.  He has pleaded not guilty to all charges and was granted conditional bail.  He will report to Surry Hills police station three times a week and face court on January 29.

Hughes today