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Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve in Sydney 2012

It's another warm, sunny day in Sydney and the weather looks great for tonight's big event.  People started camping out on Friday to secure a free top spot around the harbour.

For those who are prepared to pay - and it seems there are many - there are plenty of options to choose from, but it will cost you an arm and a leg.  You can go on a luxury six and a half hour cruise and enjoy a 5 course sit-down dinner with beer and the best wines for a mere $1000 per person.

Sydney National Parks are also in on the act, charging double last year's entry fee. Tickets for Bradley's Head, Shark Island, Goat Island, Nielson Park, Fort Denison, and Strickland House grounds are all sold out and only North Head, Manly is free.  One of their ads asks us to visit Clark Island, located off prestigious Darling Point near Double Bay and enjoy a food hamper, followed by a gourmet barbecue and a selection of fine wines for only $440 per adult.  Tickets for this event are still available.

But tonight's celebrations have been marred by tragedy when a 49 year old Sydney woman drowned last night.  She and her husband and two children were moored at Vaucluse on a 40 ft cruiser, looking forward to their bird's eye view of tonight's fireworks.

According to her husband, his wife was still up when he and the children went to bed around midnight last night.  When he awoke at 2 am and went looking for her, she had disappeared. Her body was washed up at Rose Bay this morning at 6.15am.

Pyrotechnic workers on the bridge

Police have issued a strong warning to boaties on the harbour to be careful as Detective Inspector Damon Shott said they believe she had been drinking.  "I just want to remind everyone that boating and alcohol don't mix" he said.  "We'd like any witnesses or anyone who saw or heard anything - there were other boats anchored nearby - to come forward."

Why do awful things always happen around Christmas time?