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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

End of the Mayan Calendar

The Mayan Long Count calendar which began 5,125 years ago in 3113 BC ends on 21 December 2012.  Most of us think it's another internet hoax to frighten people into believing something terrible is going to happen, that an apocalyptic event will occur and it's only three days away.  Mayan inscriptions are reported to refer to a god associated with war and the underworld 'descending from the sky' on that day.

Mexico is one of five countries preparing to observe the date and for many in the region, it will be a day of celebration.  The tourist industry is aggressively promoting the date as a new beginning and fireworks and concerts will be held at more than 30 archaeological sites.

It is estimated there are now over three million Preppers in America who believe a doomsday prophesy is imminent and the makers of nuclear and chemical weapon-proof bunkers are doing a roaring trade.  They are not only reasonably priced, but come complete with flushing toilets.

One bunker manufacturer, Ron Hubbard (Scientology connections maybe?) said he used to sell one unit per month but over the last year, he's been selling one unit every day.  He said he would go to his underground shelter on the 21st, simply because he has one, but doesn't believe anything will happen.  Hunters are also interested in his bunkers as they make very comfortable weekend retreats.

You have to hand it to the Americans - wherever there is a hole in the market, some clever person will quickly fill it.  Here is an ad for Mr Hubbard's bunkers.

Our designs allow for the survival of your family in any sort of disaster with the ability to live in an underground shelter, complete with sleeping quarters, kitchen, restroom, under-the-floor storage and our trademark undetectable escape hatch in case intruders discover your main hatch.  You do not feel like you're in a small submarine, in my shelters, they are very roomy, and dog friendly.  Our backyard bunker is the most affordable 3-4 man underground survival shelter on the market for $35,900 (limited offer) that includes an NBC air filtration system, blast door, and under floor storage.

When you come to think of it, Preppers are a pretty selfish lot, making sure their neighbours can't get into their bunker and keeping an arsenal of guns nearby to shoot anyone who tries to come in. I think I'd rather take my chances out there with everyone else.