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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Another Nigerian online dating scam victim

Australian grandmother Jette Jacobs 67, was a widow looking for love, instead police are now investigating her mysterious death.  She died in South Africa and her family believe she was murdered by the man she was in love with, Jesse Orowo Omokoh.  

They met on a dating website and had a relationship that lasted three years.  Over that period, Ms Jacobs gave Jesse $200,000.  She raised the money by re-mortgaging her home and maxing out several credit cards.

She first met Jesse when she travelled to South Africa in 2010.  In November 2012, she left her home near Perth to meet up with him again in Johannesburg.  But when weeks went by and she still hadn't contacted her family back home, they went to authorities.  Local police found her body in a rented villa on February 7 and although there was an empty pill bottle near the body, her family is certain she would never take her own life.

Although her six adult children and close friends tried to convince her it was all about the money, it was no good, she truly believed he was in love with her. 

WA victims willingly gave Nigerian scammers $4.5 million in the last six months.  The Fraud Squad sent Ms Jacobs a letter, warning her she was a victim of a scam, but it arrived too late, she had already left for Africa.

Loneliness is a curse, it makes sensible people do stupid things.

Edit 4 February 2014:  Nigerian police arrested Orowo Jesse Omokoh on 28 January 2014.  He will face extradition for the alleged murder of Perth woman Jettee Jacobs after defrauding her of $90,000.