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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Gerard Bayden Clay to stand trial

Yesterday, Magistrate Brendan Butler announced that there was enough evidence to send Gerard Bayden-Clay to trial for the murder of his wife Allison, the mother of his three daughters.

After sitting out of sight in a corner of the courtroom for six days, the judge asked him to stand up and move forward so everyone could see him.  When asked if he had anything to say in answer to the charges laid against him, he said "I am innocent, your Honour."

When the accused was asked about his injuries, he said the gouges on his face were caused by shaving with a blunt razor, the marks on his neck were caused when he scratched a caterpillar, the marks on his chest were caused by scratching an itch, and the injury to his hand happened when he changed a light bulb.

Gerard's mistress was Property Manager at his Real Estate office, Toni McHugh.  She told the court their relationship ended in September 2011 but was rekindled again in December, before Allison disappeared on 20 April 2012.  Gerard told her he "couldn't afford a divorce" but promised to end his marriage "by the end of the year."  Ms McHugh was distraught when she discovered in the months after Allison's disappearance, that she wasn't his only mistress.


Gerard Bayden-Clay is the great grandson of Lord Bayden-Powell, founder of the world-wide Scout Movement.

A jury will now decide his fate.