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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dennis Rodman meets Kim Jong Un

North Korea has threatened to attack the US with a nuclear bomb and has just scrapped its 60 year old ceasefire with South Korea in a fit of temper after the UN issued new sanctions to punish the regime for its recent nuclear test.  But the new unofficial US Ambassador, Dennis Rodman, says Kim Jong Un has a message for President Obama.  Call me.

The dictator's love of basketball is the reason Dennis Rodman paid a visit to North Korea last week.  Touring with the Harlem Globetrotters, the former Chicago Bulls star is the highest profile American to meet Kim since he took power in December 2011.

Last Thursday, an exhibition match was held with two American players on each team of North Koreans.  The match ended in a convenient 110-110 tie and after the game, Kim threw an "epic feast" for the Americans.

Rodman says Kim has a message for President Obama "Call me, he doesn't want to do war."  So does Rodman know who he is dealing with - a tyrant who allows his own people to starve to death and refuses to acknowledge human rights?

When Rodman was asked to explain why he thinks Kim is "an awesome guy", he said "I don't condone that, he's not his father and he's not his grandfather."

He told Kim that "President Obama loves basketball, so let's start from there."  But the State Department was not impressed and said North Korea was "wining and dining" Rodman while its people go hungry.

Rodman plans to return in August to go on holiday with Kim and "to find out more about what's really going on."