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Saturday, March 9, 2013

One brave cop

One brave cop stands his ground while being confronted by a crazed gunman yesterday in a busy shopping mall in Brisbane.  And he wasn't wearing a bullet proof vest.

It all started when two plain clothes detectives confronted a man in the mall who responded by pulling out a pistol.  When police screamed at him to lie down on the ground, he refused and started walking around. This went on for about an hour.

It came to an end soon after the gunman pointed the gun to his own neck, and screamed "shoot me, shoot me." Then he turned the gun towards three elderly people sitting on a bench, who froze in fear. Thats when police fired three non-lethal shots using a bean bag gun. It was enough to make him drop the gun and he was quickly overwhelmed.

It was a bizarre scene, one crazy man with a pistol caused complete mayhem.  Heavily armed police from the Special Emergency Response Team (SERT) arrived in their armoured truck, ready for world war three.

 Then it was all over, and everyone went back to work.