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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Crime gangs now own Sydney streets

There was another shooting in Sydney last night but this time, it wasn't about warning shots to the legs, but several shots to the head, killing 25 year old Khaled Kahwaji while he sat in his Mazda on Wilbur Road, Greenacre. He was a well known gang member who had been previously charged with murder.  And it happened in broad daylight - 6.30 pm last night.  His cousins, one of them dressed in an Islamic Brotherhood hoodie, kept watch outside the house for much of the night.

The body was found lying next to his car which had bullet holes in the driver's door and windscreen.  The street was blocked off and locals returning from work were not allowed to enter their homes until police had finished their investigations.

Sydney residents who happen to live in the same street as criminal gang members are fed up with the almost daily shootings, but police have no idea how to stop it.  They were expecting trouble after the aunt of Supermax inmate Bassam Hamzy was shot in the legs last week, when she opened the front door of her unit in Auburn.

There have been 35 shootings this year, more than three a week, and 10 so far this month.  If ever there was a case for sacking the top Sydney cop, this is it, they are embarrassing themselves with their ineptitude.  Crime gangs now own the streets of Sydney.