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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bilal Hamze's family feud

Bilal Hamze is the 25 year old cousin of Bassam Hamze who is currently serving time in Goulburn Supermax for murder.  He is charged with trying to kill a father and his 15 year old son, and police and the DPP were stunned yesterday when three judges granted him bail. 

They pleaded with the judges not to put him back on the streets as he poses a serious threat to the community, but Justice Derek Price, Justice David Davies and Acting Justice Barr overruled all objections.

The fact that he was already on bail, serving a two year good behaviour bond for a firearm conviction didn't sway the judges and when the DPP tried to have their decision overturned, all efforts failed.  Defence lawyers for Hamze argued both the father and son were unreliable witnesses and Justice Price said "I'm unable to conclude that the Crown's case is strong."

The family feud started when Ibrahim Hamze was stabbed in a Sydney schoolyard in April 2011.  The 15 year old boy responsible spent two years in juvenile detention and when he was released he was bashed by a group of males who left the scene in a car registered to Hamze.

In response, the boy and his father went to Hamze's home in Auburn and confronted a group of people outside.  When the father, a known criminal, armed with a baseball bat asked "Who jumped my son?" Bilal Hamze emerged with a semi-automatic and three shots were fired, one hitting the boy in the stomach.  He was put into an induced coma, but survived.

When Hamze's mother was shot four times in the legs at the front door of her unit last month, it seems the feud is far from over.