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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Yes, the Boston bombers were Muslim

Islam is again in the news for all the wrong reasons.  The right wingers will say that nothing has changed, they're still at it, determined to bite the hand of friendship extended to them by their host countries.

The lefties will say that we must distinguish between radical Islam and ordinary Muslims and will refer to them as terrorists and extremists and remind us once again, that the majority are good, peace-loving people. 

And for the Muslim people around the world, who have been holding their breath, hoping their worst nightmare wouldn't come true, sadly for them it has, because the two cowards who placed the bombs among the crowd in Boston, were followers of Islam.

Some of us can remember when Chechen rebels took hostages at a Moscow theatre in 2002 and when the Russian police pumped a narcotic gas into the building, hoping to subdue the rebels, 129 hostages died.  Two years later in 2004, they took 1,000 people hostage at a school in Beslan, and 330 people died, many of them children, so we know how cruel these people can be.

Russia was criticized by the West for its human rights abuse and indiscriminate force against Chechen civilians when they bombed the capital and many other towns and villages into oblivion, and you have to wonder why the bombers wanted to kill Americans, who offered them a better life, when they have plenty of reasons to be angry with Russia.

The Russians believe that the rebels in Chechnya have close links to al-Qaida and many have fought in Afghanistan.  President Putin warned the West many times about how dangerous the rebels could be, many were trained in Pakistan and came back to Russia to fight.  But they don't all stay in Russia, jihadists from Chechnya have faced terrorist charges in several European countries who have given them a new home.

So therein lies the problem, the threat doesn't come from Pakistan or Afghanistan, it's home grown right where we live.  Jihadists who grow up in our country, go to our schools and universities, for some reason we don't understand, still want to cause us harm.  And there's not a damn thing we can do about it.

Edit April 22, 2013:  Three months ago, Boston bomber Amerlan Tsarnav didn’t like it when the imam of his mosque in Massachusetts held up a picture of Martin Luther King as an example of a man to emulate.  He was furious and started yelling and screaming, insisting that he was definitely not a man Muslims should look up to because he wasn’t a follower of Islam.  He caused such a scene, they threw him out.  His uncle believes he was radicalized by a mysterious religious leader in the US, not by someone overseas, and the hunt is now on for the person or persons responsible.