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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cardinal George Pell on committee to reform Catholic Church

Oh the irony.  Pope Francis has picked Archbishop of Sydney, George Pell, to advise him on how to reform the Catholic Church - the man who has protected paedophile priests for years.

Pell and seven other Cardinals will help Pope Francis put into place changes to the Curia - the governing body of the Catholic Church.  This adds weight to the theory that Pope Benedict XVI was overwhelmed by accusations of sexual abuse by priests and corruption within the Vatican, which led to his resignation in  February.  The committee's first meeting will be held in Rome in October.

Julia Gillard undoubtedly did the right thing by granting a Royal Commission Into Child Sex Abuse, but it's costing a fortune.  The known cost to date stands at $66 million, and that's before it has taken one piece of formal evidence.

An unprecedented $44 million will be spent on counselling people who relive traumatic childhood experiences which is like rubbing salt into a wound - we shouldn't be paying for it - they should!

Paedophile Catholic priests have been using little children for their sexual needs without a second thought, and the taxpayer is left to pay the bill for trying to put those lives back together. 

The lead Commissioner, Justice Peter McClellan, warned at its first sitting that it "will continue to require the commitment of very significant sums of public money."