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Monday, April 29, 2013

Dan and Steph Mulheron win My Kitchen Rules

After a shaky start to the series, Dan and Steph Mulheron went on to produce a faultless 5 course menu and win $250,000 last night in the Grand Final of My Kitchen Rules.  Jake and Elle Harrison also produced five brilliant courses and it could have easily gone either way.

The menus were so sophisticated, most Aussies watching will never get to taste what the judges experienced last night.  Dan and Steph served up squab, also known as pigeon, and Jake and Elle served raw Wagyu beef.  We've never eaten squab because it's not available in supermarkets and eating raw beef is unthinkable, which just goes to show we have a lot more to learn about food.

Dan and Steph's winning menu
1.  Scallop Ceviche
2.  Squab (pigeon) with chestnuts and redcurrant sauce
3.  Flathead sausage with confit potatoes
4.  Lamb roulade with smoked carrots and mint pesto
5.  Chocolate peppermint delice

Jake and Elle's menu

1.  Wagyu Beef Carpaccio
2.  Quail with fig and Gorgonzola sauce
3.  Rock lobster with semolina water stack
4.  Confit duck with artichoke puree and balsamic sauce
5.  Strawberry and Amaretto Semifreddo

Dan and Steph are longing to have children and will use the money to fund further IVF treatments. Dan wants to open a gourmet sausage shop and would ideally like three children and for Steph to be a stay-at-home mum.  One of the guest judges commented that he knew many a professional chef whose black pudding wouldn't measure up to Dan's, so the folks of Hervey Bay are in for a treat.

Jake and Elle's parents worked long hours when they were growing up which produced an independence in the two siblings at a young age. Their mother said "I was so busy working 24/7, I used to drop Elle off at the grocery store with my EFTPOS card and she would buy all the groceries for the week and organize the food."

Jake and Elle also have a dream - to open a bistro in Brisbane and release a cookbook.