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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Parents guilty of killing their own children

After a seven week trial, Mick and Mairead Philpott were yesterday found guilty of killing six of their children in a house fire in Derby in the UK.  The jury rejected Philpott's excuse that someone started the fire through the letterbox and he put on a mighty show for the court, repeatedly sobbing and collapsing when he heard the verdict.

The people in the gallery were jubilant and hugged one another as they sobbed, satisfied that this human piece of garbage, Mick Philpott, got what he deserved.  Philpott's friend Paul Mosley was also found guilty of six counts of manslaughter and Justice Kate Thirwall will sentence them tomorrow.

Their six children all died in the fire started by their own hand.  He set the blaze to frame his former lover Lisa Willis.  Willis and her five children, four of whom were fathered by Philpott, lived with the couple and their children for ten years, but suddenly left the family home last year, taking her children with her.

Mick was angry and wanted custody of the children - the more children he had, the more benefits he received.  There was a court appearance coming up to discuss where the children would live and Mick wanted custody so badly, he started telling everyone that Willis threatened to kill the children by burning down the house.  Police were quick to realize it had nothing to do with her and after the fire, she was initially interviewed and released.

It's a sordid story.  Mike Philpott refused to work but continues to sire more children.  He had 17 children - six with his wife, four with live-in girlfriend Willis, and seven others to different women.

Paul Mosley

The court heard that after the fire, Paul Mosley visited the couple who were housed by police in a bugged hotel room.  Philpott watched as his wife performed oral sex on Mosley and when she was finished, praised her and acknowledged the fact that she didn't want to do it but told her it was necessary to keep Mosley on side.

The jury heard that Philpott was a control freak who handled all the family finances, and had both women's part-time income paid directly into his bank account.  

After ten years, when Willis finally grew tired of his domineering behaviour and left him, she discovered she was entitled to more than one thousand pounds a month.

If someone chose this story to write a book, no one would believe it.

Edit April 2013:  The judge gave Mick life in prison which means he'll have to serve a minimum of 15 years.  His wife and Mosley each got 17 years.  Mick's wife can expect a rough time in prison as she will forever more be referred to as 'the child killer.'