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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Australia unable to help in Syrian crisis

Tony Abbott said Australia doesn't have the means to offer much help in the Syrian crisis.  "Should any action be taken, it will be taken by countries with the capability to do so, and Australia is not one of those. We don't have ready access to the kind of weaponry that apparently is going to be involved, should anything be done."

Prime Minister Rudd believes that Australia can play a significant role in the Syrian crisis as President of the United Nations Security Council from September but Mr Abbott doesn't agree.  "This idea that Australia is going to be a key player here is, I think, to rather exaggerate our own importance" he said.

On ABC's Insiders program on Sunday Mr Abbott said he would prefer a political solution to the Syrian crisis rather than a military one, but thought this was unlikely.  "We've got a civil war going on in that benighted country between two pretty unsavoury sides.  It's not goodies versus baddies, it's baddies versus baddies" he said.  

It's times like this when not being a world super power pays off.