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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Syrian rebels backed by al-Queda

BRITAIN says it doesn't matter what the UN comes up with, it won't change its mind about staying out of Syria.

GERMANY isn't interested in participating.

FRANCE MPs debate the issue today but there is no need for a vote, they have already decided to support President Obama's plan to intervene.

REBELS have been supplied with rockets, machine guns and anti-tank weapons from gulf nations this week and say they have enough to get the job done.

ASSAD is still saying he didn't do it. "Supposing our army wishes to use weapons of mass destruction.  Is it possible that it would do so in a zone where it is located and where our soldiers were wounded by these arms, as United Nations inspectors have noted during visits to hospitals where they were treated?  Where is the logic?" he said. "80-90 per cent of those we are fighting belong to al-Qaeda.  They are not interested in reform or in politics."

UNITED NATIONS as usual, are useless because of China and Russia, two of the five permanent heavyweights who are hardly shining lights of democracy, yet make life difficult for everyone. Putin has stated he will block all attempts to remove Assad from power.  So the UN isn't doing the job its meant to - to maintain international peace and security - instead, it's currently protecting a ruthless dictator and helping him to remain in power.

Today President Obama won strong support from key Republicans so he's almost certain to get the go-ahead from Congress.  But there's something that doesn't make any sense.  The US is prepared to topple Assad, knowing that the power will go to the al-Queda-dominated rebels. Weren't they the evil people President Bush told the Coalition of the Willing we had to fight in Afghanistan?