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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Britain is now amoral says historian

Andrew Roberts

British historian Andrew Roberts is furious with Britain for not punishing President Assad of Syria for using poisonious gas on unarmed civilians. He says Britain has relinquished its role as one of the world's foremost moral policemen and joined the ranks of global spectators.  So who is Andrew Roberts?

He strongly supported Tony Blair's decision to invade Iraq and actually compared him to Winston Churchill. In 2003 he wrote "for Churchill, apotheosis came in 1940, for Tony Blair, it will come when Iraq is successfully invaded and hundreds of weapons of mass destruction are unearthed from where they have been hidden by Saddam's henchman."   Nuff said.

A comment from a British reader of Mail Online today sums it up pretty well:

Well I for one will go to bed a lot happier, prouder and at peace with my country knowing that my countrymen have not voted to go and bomb a nation back to stone age and kill hundreds or thousands or millions of innocent civilians and servicemen/women.  The trouble with the likes of Mr Roberts is that those who initiate wars don't have a conscience and their type, as we can see, are a dying breed.

It's been said that we are now living in a new world and it's true. We now know what's really going on because we now get both sides of the story. The people don't want any more innocent people to die and the British MPs voted accordingly. 

The Brits don't realize they've done the world a big favour - President Obama is now going  to wait for the approval of Congress.  Well done Britain!