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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Syrian crisis worsens

The US is obviously upset with Britain.  Yesterday they praised France as their 'oldest ally' who was standing ready to join them in confronting the 'thug and murderer' President Bashar Assad.

It reminds me of another British Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, who refused to answer the call to join the US in the fight against communism in Vietnam.  On 28 June 1966 Wilson 'disassociated' his government from the American bombing of the cities of Hanoi and Haiphong.

I see President Obama's problem and sympathize.  "A lot of people think something should be done but nobody wants to do it" he said. As the world waits for the UN to release their report, the US firmly believes there is now irrefutable evidence to prove that Assad killed 1,429 people including 426 children in a nerve gas attack on a Damascus suburb 10 days ago.  And the only country prepared to do something about it is France.  But there is another real concern - who are these rebels and what do they stand for? 

There was a post placed on Facebook yesterday about Syria and someone thinks its the work of Assad's 11 year old son Hafez, but its authenticity has yet to be confirmed.

The Facebook post in full (unedited)

12 hours we waited… 48 hours they said, we're waiting… they may have the best army in the world, maybe the best airplanes, ships, tanks than ours, but soldiers? No one has soldiers like the ones we do in Syria, if you ask me what rank would I rank American "soldiers" I wouldn't rank them the worst because the worst are soldiers, but America doesn't have soldiers, what it has is some cowards with new technology who claim themselves liberators, they said they supported the "revolution" but actually they made it, right now we're all syrian it doesn't matter if your with or against because that's democracy, the abilty to express yourself in your own way so when people say that they are against the "regime" it's fine but there's a difference between those people and the people who claim our flag green, it's like an offense to the country, but the worst is people who accuse the army of killing them, they accuse these men who are willing to risk they're lives and die to keep us safe, of killing us, well when these people say that "the army is gonna end beacuse America will attack" I can say that when America attacks it's gonna attack every syrian, with, against, terrorists, the army.I can expect that some people may comment that America is more powerful than us, my response is that first you don't know what we have, second maybe they are stronger, maybe they will destroy the army, but they will never destroy these remnants and little bits of resistance, it's who we are, we were born to fight and resist, we will fight them everywhere until they get out if they came in in the first place, no matter how much hard they try to get us out of our holy land they will never succeed, it's where we come from it's where our roots and predecessors come from.I just want them to attack sooo much, because I want them to make this huge mistake of beginning something that they don't know the end of it, just like Hezbollah defeated Israel and the NATO and by what? What did Hezbollah have back then? Some street fighters and some small rockets and a pile of guns, but they had belief, In theirselves and in their country and that's exactly what's gonna happen to America if it chooses invasion because they don't know our land like we do, no one does, victory is ours in the end no matter how much time it takes.

The US strikes are planned for this weekend.