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Friday, August 30, 2013

USA prepared to act alone on Syria

President Obama is pepared to act alone on Syria - he is not prepared to wait for allies to join him.  White House spokesman Josh Earnest said "We certainly are interested in engaging with the global international community on this issue but at the same time, the President's chief accountability is to the American people that he was elected to protect."  But do the American people really need protection from Syria?

It's not hard to understand why Britain and Canada have voted against taking action against Syria, the whole world knows what happens when America calls allies into battle, too many young men have died in a foreign land fighting for a cause they don't believe in. And Syria is another cause we don't believe in because it's none of our business. Russia and China are their friends so why don't they intervene by publicly chastising Assad and defusing the whole problem?

The five permanent members of the UN Security Council - the winners of WWII - Russia, China, USA, UK and France will never agree because China and Russia remember what happened in Libya.  The US and the UK said they had to protect Libyan civilians with air support to the rebels which left Gaddafi lying dead in a ditch.

But there's a way around it, NATO can intervene because using chemical warfare against your own people breaks all the rules, and allows them to give air support to the rebels.

Putin said Assad wasn't responsible for the gas attack, it was the rebels and referred to an incident when a rebel fighter was filmed taking a bite out of the liver he had cut from a dead Syrian soldier. He posed the question - why would the west want to protect animals like this?  But even if he's lying, it still puts doubt in our minds as to who is actually guilty and that's why we must wait for the UN inspectors' report.

Israel said it's not involved in Syria's civil war but nevertheless, is on full alert and will respond with all its might if attacked.

All eyes are now concentrated on the what the UN inspectors find. It brings back chilling memories of another group of UN inspectors who went into Iraq looking for weapons of mass destruction. Once bitten, twice shy.

Edit:  Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has hinted that he may attend the G20 meeting in Russia on September 5 and 6, even though the federal election falls on 7th September.  Mr Rudd sees himself as an important world leader and is under the impression that the world cares about what he thinks, it doesn't, and in 8 days time, hopefully he will be gone.  It now looks as though President Obama will be going into Syria alone.