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Friday, August 23, 2013

President Assad now lowest form of life

President Obama has demanded that President Bashar al-Assad give UN officials immediate access to the site near Damascus where so many innocents have died.  If Assad refuses, it's going to put pressure on Obama to act.

But surely the days of the US undertaking the role of policeman of the world are coming to an end and this shocking chemical attack should be handled by the UN because that's what they're there for.

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius made a fool of himself when he said world powers must respond with force if Assad is proved guilty. But in the same breath he said there was no question of France sending any troops so why did he say it in the first place? We know why - to stir the US into action and fix the problem for him.

Laurent Fabius

Israel isn't helping, they have accused the world of turning a blind eye and why not?  It's impossible to tell which side is telling the truth and we won't know who's right until the UN inspectors get permission to go in and have a look.

Keep calm and carry on America.