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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Albanese has a beer with Craig Thomson

Craig Thomson

Someone took a picture of Anthony Albanese having a beer with Craig Thomson the other night and the Sydney Daily Telegraph played it up big time.  Today's front page shows Kevin Rudd as Colonel Klink, Anthony Albanese as Sargeant Schultz and Craig Thomson as Colonel Hogan with the caption "Albo's explanation for German beers with Thomson: I know nuthink!"

Craig Thomson is a pariah and Albanese should have known better, having a beer with him was a bad political mistake.  Thomson stole from the Health Services Union (HSU) and followed the tradition of other Labor union officials down through the ages - he discovered he had his own personal money tree at his disposal.  He could withdraw union funds at will and was accused of taking overseas trips, paying school fees, visiting prostitutes and taking regular cash advances of up to $100,000, all paid for by the poor suckers who paid him their union dues.

Anthony Albanese, Deputy PM

But although the Labor Party sacked him, it seems he's untouchable and will never be held to account for what he did because it happened so long ago.  He's even going to stand as an Independent at the upcoming federal election.

But we have long memories and every image of this despicable man walking around as though he's done nothing wrong, reminds us that politicians are a protected species and instead of having a beer with Albo, he should be in jail.