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Saturday, September 7, 2013

James Packer's shock divorce

Erica and James Packer

Pictures of James Packer with his lovely wife and family over the past six years gave the impression that he was a happy man and it's a shock to find out that he wasn't.  Just months after moving into their dream home at Vaucluse, the couple signed divorce papers this week in Sydney.  

Packer turns 46 tomorrow and should be on top of the world after winning the NSW government licence to build his pet project - a $1.5 billion casino/hotel resort on the Sydney waterfront.

Erica is currently in Los Angeles with their children Indigo 5, Jackson 3, and Emmanuelle 11 months.  James is in Europe.

Packer is obviously searching for something.  He visited a Himilayan spiritual retreat and practices meditation. His close relationship with Tom Cruise had people wondering if he would join Scientology, but if he has, nobody knows about it.

This is Packer's second failed marriage.  He married Jodhi Meares in 1999 which seemed to be over before it had even begun. Everyone was desperate to know what happened, but she wouldn't tell and my guess is, Erica won't either.

Packer is going to be very busy.  His company Crown Ltd has a new $1 billion Crown Philippines casino to open in Manila next year, another in Macau in 2015, Crown Towers in Perth in 2013, Sri Lanka in 2017 and his pet project, Crown Sydney at Barangaroo in 2018.

You would think there wouldn't be a man on the planet luckier than James Packer, a beautiful wife, three adorable children and more money than you can poke a stick at.  But he's obviously troubled, visiting spiritual retreats, meditating and looking for "calm." 

It makes you wonder if there could be something seriously wrong with this rich man who appears to have it all.