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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Gillian Triggs should be sacked

Gillian Triggs

Human Rights Commissioner, Gillian Triggs recommended that the Abbott government pay Indonesian refugee John Basikbasik 51, compensation of $350,000 for being held in detention after bashing his pregnant partner to death in 2000.  She was 28.

Basikbasik served seven years for manslaughter before he was released into Villawood Detention Centre because the government believed he was too dangerous to be released into the community.

Because he is a genuine refugee, he can't be sent home and remains in detention after almost eight years.

"I appreciate the public wants to know how these sums are computed but again I think a fair minded person would say to be held for eight years, without charge, without a trial, and without consideration as to whether alternatives could be considered for this man, especially in the light of the psychiatrist's evidence that a management plan had not been developed for him, would consider the compensation proposed was a reasonable one" she said.

Wrong Ms Trigg.  I consider myself to be a fair minded person and that analysis is just plain wrong.  The only good news is that the government has refused to pay it.

Suddenly the Professor wants a Royal Commission into children in detention but she wasn't concerned about them when Labor was in power. Under Labor there were 2,000 - under LNP, there are now under 200 children in detention and because the boats have stopped coming, there won't be any more.  

This woman is a hypocrite and should be removed.