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Friday, March 6, 2015

Peter Gerard Scully - Australian Paedophile

Melbourne man, Peter Scully is the scum of the earth.

He filmed perverted acts against children as young as 18 months and live-streamed the "pay to view" videos to clients, mostly in Europe.

Janet Francisco, a police investigator who has seen some of the videos said "it was hateful, disgusting and painful to watch babies being tortured and sexually assaulted.....listening to their cries could haunt you forever."

"Voices of young girls aged 1 to 7 performing sexual acts with older women were also among those uploaded by Scully" she said.

One video shows a baby convulsing as she was whipped with a belt and hot wax from a melting candle poured onto her tiny body.

Scully is also accused of murder.  His partner, who was also his victim when she was 14, said he killed a girl because she had whip marks on her body that were so severe, they couldn't be concealed.

Police around the world are slowly closing in on these sick vermin and it was Netherlands police who were responsible for his arrest.

The Philippines is a major centre of a billion dollar child pornography industry, mainly because of widespread poverty.

The death penalty was suspended in the Philippines in 2006 but this case has raised the possibility of bringing it back.

"The Philippine government should directly and seriously address the problem of paedophelia, child exploitation and sexual abuse by supporting the move to reimpose the death penalty" Sherwin Gatchalian, an MP with the Nationalist People's Coalition said.

Scully arrived in the Philippines in 2011 but it wasn't until September 2014 when two naked teenage girls were found tied to a bed in an apartment he rented, that he came to the attention of authorities.  At the time he was using aliases of Peter Ridell and Peter Russell.

So who is this man willing to pay to see such horror?  Is he sitting comfortably in a middle-class home somewhere in Europe, perhaps with a wife and children in the house?

If you know who he is, you need to tell someone.