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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Oscar Pistorius fears inmates will poison his food

The human emotion of revenge is alive and well.  Any news about how Oscar Pistorius is suffering in prison for killing Reeva Steenkamp, is good news.  But the only sign so far is that he's losing weight.

Pistorius is so terrified of being poisoned by inmates who hate him, he's refusing his daily meals and only eats tinned food from the tuck shop. This has resulted in a dramatic weight loss and his prosthetic legs no longer fit.

Sure he's white in the predominantly black Kgosi Mampuru prison, dominated by violent gangs, but because of his disability, he's tucked away safely in the hospital wing and has little contact with other inmates.  He resides in a single cell and the toilet is right next to the bed.

But his wish for a bath was denied.  Plans to build one especially for him fell through after inmates complained he was receiving special treatment.  And of course he was.

He's only four months into a five year sentence but South African justice will allow him out on parole in October so he can serve out the rest of his sentence in the comfort of his own home.