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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

William Tyrrell still missing

It's been nearly six months since little William Tyrrell disappeared while playing outside his grandparent's home and so far, police tip offs from the public have turned out to be dead ends.

One of those tip offs is about Bill Spedding, a local tradesman. He was called to fix William's grandmother's washing machine on 12 September last year - the same day William went missing.

In January, forensic police and detectives searched Mr Spedding's home at Bonny Hills, not far from where William disappeared. They searched a set of rooms under his house, excavated part of the backyard and drained the septic tank.  He was questioned and released without charge.

Yesterday, Mr Spedding's son Rodney said his father had nothing to do with William's disappearance.  "He's got the biggest heart, he's very generous, it's very upsetting, the media attention has killed his business and affected his livelihood" he said.

When Mr Spedding was spotted driving past the new search area on Monday, police went back to his home and interviewed him again.

Instead of being angry, Mr Spedding has co-operated fully with police. After the raid on his home he said "I wish to thank our family and friends for the overwhelming support we have received from them over this time."

If this man - whose reputation is now in tatters - turns out to be innocent, he deserves nothing less than a full page apology from every media outlet in the country and another from the Police Department. Compensation for loss of business wouldn't go amiss either.

This is truly a baffling case.  Police have asked Crime Stopper websites in 26 countries to post a message about William's abduction.