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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Australian Muslim Party is born

An Australian businessman, Diaa Mohammed 34, is launching the first Islamic political group - the Australian Muslim Party.

Mr Mohammed 34, said he started the party because critics of the religion say their current leaders are not on 'team Australia' and don't speak up enough condemning those who murder in the name of Islam.

Mmmmm, now here's an interesting idea.  He's recognised and admitted that his Muslim leaders, from the Grand Mufti down, have failed their community by constantly playing the victim and blaming everything but themselves for their bad reputation, so Mr Mohammed is putting himself forward to do the job for them.

He's worried about anti-Muslim political parties springing up and so he should be.  Rise Up Australia, the Australian Liberty Alliance and the Party for Freedom are just three that come to mind and after the Paris attacks, will probably do very well.  

So good luck with your new party Mr Mohammed, you're going to need it.