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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Shopping trolley crash kills Swedish student

Robin Wahlgren

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, Robin Wahlgren and his mate decided to go for a trolley ride down a very steep hill in a shopping trolley after a night out.

Robin was inside the trolley and his friend was standing on the back. They hurtled down Coogee Bay Road and crashed head-on into a car.

His friend is still in hospital in a serious condition and Robin died at the scene.  His Swedish family are on their way to take his body home.

The distraught driver of the car involved was not injured.

Mr Wahlgren has studied at the University of NSW since 2013 and his friend arrived in the country a few days ago.

Stupid?  Absolutely and people are saying that because both men were 28 years old, they should have known better.  But when they were young, even at 28, didn't they ever do anything stupid?