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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Salim Mehajer puts companies in wife's name

Before, a healthy-looking, natural Aussie girl

Salim Mehajer's wife Aysha is now a property developer and director of 12 of her husband's companies.

On paper, she has taken over as head of S.E.T. Services Pty Limited and Sydney Project Group Pty Limited, which are being sued for $2 million for breach of contract. 

Another of his companies, Sydney Constructions & Developments has just lost a deal to buy a council-owned car park for $6.5 million after fellow councillors vetoed his application.

Salim, who is the the Deputy Mayor of Auburn Council, and two of his fellow councillors, Ronney Oueik and Ned Attie, will attempt to reverse that decision at the next council meeting.


But even though Mr Mehajer is no longer the director of these companies, business records show that he remains the sole shareholder of Sydney Constructions & Developments as well as a shareholder in many of the companies now in his wife's name.

He said he wants to concentrate  on a bachelor degree in medicine, specialising in mental health issues.  Obviously his plans have changed from last month when he said he intended to get a law degree and work his way up to becoming Australian Prime Minister.

Mr Mehajer recently settled out of court a case brought against him for running down two women when he lost control of his $300,000 Ferrari. They received $1.72 million and NRMA, his insurer at the time, will foot the bill.

Before she became Mrs Mehajer Salim, she was April Learmonth from Wollongong, the girl who changed everything for her man, including her religion, her name and her appearance.  

And now there is no trace left of the fresh-faced girl from Wollongong.  She's gone forever.