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Monday, March 14, 2016

Boy 4, sexually abusing playmates

The people involved with this horror story, teachers who refused to report a four year old boy for sexually abusing his kindergarten playmates, both orally and anally, should be sacked.

There is only one reason why a child of this age is doing this and that's because he's been taught. Alarm bells should have rung loud and clear because there was an obvious risk that he was being sexually abused at home.

The mother of a boy at this South Australian school claims the Education Department ignored her complaints and staff refused to consider his behaviour as abusive and instead, said it was 'normal developmentally appropriate behaviour.'  

"I went to work and received a call about 2.30 pm saying my child was hysterical and the teacher was unable to calm him down" she said.  "And what my child disclosed to me has haunted our family ever since."

The young victims were removed from the school and they were forced to hire a full-time minder to watch him.

The parents pleaded with the school to expel the boy but they refused.  The South Australian Education Department said they could not force the boy's parents to get him treatment.

"The Department treats inappropriate sexualised behaviours with the utmost seriousness and any incidents of this kind are investigated and managed directly by senior staff" a spokesman said.

Well, those senior staff members should hang their heads in shame for the way they handled this matter.  The boy's parents should have been referred to the police immediately the moment the abuse was discovered.