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Friday, March 18, 2016

Where is Sharon Edwards?

Popular mother, grandmother and teacher Sharon Edwards

It's been 12 months since Sharon Edwards disappeared from her home in the country NSW town of Grafton.  Her estranged husband, John Edwards was filmed with his three adult sons soon after, distraught and between sobs, begging for any information that might lead to her whereabouts.

So here we have yet another case of a shattered husband convincing everyone, including his own children and police, that he had nothing to do with it.

Yet less than a month after she went missing, John Edwards went to police and handed in a 12-gauge pump action shotgun and directed them to two other firearms and 70 shotgun shells hidden in the bush around Grafton.  And police were still saying - after this bizarre revelation - that he wasn't a suspect.

He went to court and received a 12 month jail sentence for firearms offences in September 2015.

Now, 12 months later, police have confirmed that John Edwards is a suspect.

Ms Edwards mobile data proves she went to Lawrence that night, about 30 kilometres north of Grafton but her car was found in the driveway of her house back in Grafton, so how did she get there?  John Edwards lives in Lawrence.

Detective Inspector Darren Jameson said the nature of the couple' last meeting was crucial.  "The question of whether there was a verbal or physical aspect is of interest to us and particularly the movements of the two after that point" he said.

Police released video of Ms Edwards having dinner with friends in a pub in Grafton that night but believe she went home to change because the clothes she was wearing during dinner were in the laundry basket, her car was in the driveway but her handbag and mobile phone were missing.

" if she was in possession of her mobile phone, and travelled north to Lawrence, someone might be able to help us work out how she got there" Detective Jameson said.

John Edwards' house and nearby properties in Lawrence were searched but nothing was found and no charges have been laid so far.