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Monday, March 7, 2016

Peta Credlin's power over Tony Abbott

Niki Savva

In 1997, Niki Savva quit as head of The Age bureau and joined Peter Costello's staff as the Treasurer's press secretary, the first woman ever to hold the job.

Those in the know say that there is no other political journalist in the business more experienced or credible than Niki Savva, but like most seasoned journalists who are on call 24/7 she suffered from burnout and in 2004, she told Costello she wanted out.  She currently writes for The Australian.

Now Savva has written a book about the dysfunctional relationship of Prime Minister Tony Abbott and his chief of staff Peta Credlin called "The Road to Ruin."

Abbott and Credlin have vehemently denied claims made in the book and although the author can't say for certain they were having an affair, it's clear she thinks Credlin's powerful influence over Abbott ultimately brought about his downfall.

While some excerpts from the book were published over the weekend, the full book is not out until today.

As a journalist for The Australian, Credlin tried to have Savva sacked because of her weekly column depicting the turmoil within government ranks, but she didn't succeed.

Credlin's husband Vince Woolcock currently works in logistics as part of Malcolm Turnbull's Prime Ministerial team.

Credlin had a reputation for running Tony Abbott's office with a rod of iron, denying MPs she didn't like a meeting with Abbott and he is accused of bowing to her will in all things.  Yesterday on The Insiders she said

“Tony Abbott and Peta Credlin, any day, any night can get out there and give their version of events. And their version of events often differs very wildly from everybody else's and there are people who had been abused for years during that administration who suffered in silence. And I thought they should be given the chance to tell their story.”