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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Revenge is real in Tony Abbott's electorate

ex PM on a wave at Noosa  over the weekend

Tony Abbott's supporters in his seat of Warringah on the Northern Beaches of Sydney have refused to help other LNP marginal seat MPs who backed Malcolm Turnbull in last September's leadership spill.

Mr Abbott went out of his way to help Fiona Scott win the Sydney seat of Lindsay, but she won't be getting any support from the Abbott camp this time around.

The 600 party members of Warringah are upset to say the least.

Fiona Scott

"There is an enormous level of discontent within the Warringah conference towards Fiona Scott for her betrayal of Tony Abbott - people are gobsmacked that she could do that after their support for her last time", one member said.

"There are hundreds of members in Warringah who worked very hard to support her last time and it will be extremely difficult to get people to go back to Penrith (an outer Sydney western suburb) which is a very long way, when they don't hold her in high regard."

Instead, they will be supporting Karen McNamara in Dobell, Craig Kelly in Hughes and Ann Sudmalis in Gilmore.

All three voted against Malcolm Turnbull in the leadership ballott.

In NSW, there are 14 safe so-called "donor" seats that raise money for marginal "donee" seats that require more resources and if these angry Abbott supporters get their way, traitors won't be getting any.