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Monday, March 21, 2016

Karen Nettleton's mission to rescue grandchildren in Syria

Karen Nettleton, the mother-in-law of notorious Australian Islamic state terrorist Khaled Sharrouf, flew to Turkey last Thursday with her solicitor to find her grandchildren.  She plans to stay in Turkey for 2-3 weeks and will wait for the children to cross the border before checking into a safe house.

Her daughter Tara converted to Islam and married Sharrouf as a teenager and snuck out of the country with their five children to join her husband in Syria.

Not long after her husband posted a picture of his young son holding the severed head of a Syrian soldier with the caption "that's my boy."

Sharrouf's 14 year old daughter was married off to his best friend, Australian terrorist Mohamed Elomar who gave birth to his baby at the end of last year.

But then in a strange twist of fate, Sharrouf and Elomar were killed and Nettleton's daughter Tara died last year from complications associated with appendix which left the five children orphans. Elomar's 15 year old wife had no choice but to take on the parental role to her siblings while taking care of her new baby.

It is understood the trip is self-funded and are accompanied by a camera crew.

So it looks like these children are allowed to come home and the daring rescue will be filmed for a block-buster 60 Minutes program or similar television event.

Nothing from the government so far and you have to wonder what they are thinking.  These boys have been holding severed heads, dripping with blood, just the type of young men Australia needs.