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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Dark Justice nabs paedophile Douglas Smith

Douglas Smith

Vigilante group Dark Justice did a superb job of setting up and catching 56 year old paedophile Douglas Smith.

He thought he was chatting to a 13 year old schoolgirl who had never had sex before but was willing to try it with him.  She wanted to know if it would hurt and he reassured her that it wouldn't because he had a small penis.

But when he turned up to meet her he was confronted by members of Dark Justice who filmed the meeting, a vigilante group who pretend to be children online.

Smith was already on the Sex Offenders Register as a result of an earlier conviction for viewing indecent images of children.

Smith was arrested when he turned up at Central Station in Newcastle to meet the girl.  He pleaded guilty to attempting to meet a child after grooming and breach of registration requirements by failing to tell authorities where he was living.

He was jailed for one year and eight months and ordered to serve an extended licence period after he is freed.  He must now sign the Sex Offenders Register for life.

Judge Jeremy Freedman said "You clearly intended there should be full sexual intercourse even though you knew the girl was a 13 year old child who had no sexual experience of any sort."

"The person you in fact communicated with was an organization called Dark Justice who track down people like you who attempt to groom children through social networks.

"It is deeply concerning that you have not changed your behaviour in any way, despite being on a sex offenders treatment program."

His excuse?  He was "lonely" and "flattered."

And there we have it - another case of where this socalled Offender Treatment Program is a joke.  All they have to do is undergo the course, convince their counsellors they are cured, and out they come, back on the street.

And what are authorities doing about it?  Absolutely nothing and that's why we need to thank Dark Justice for doing an outstanding job.