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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Yulia Efimova named as drug cheat

Yulia Efimova

Yulia Efimova, a Russian swimmer with a history of failed doping tests lashed out as Michael Phelps for his past marijuana and alcohol use yesterday when he received his 22nd Gold Medal at the Rio Olympics.

She was banned for 16 months for testing positive to 7-keto-DHEA in 2013 and later tested positive for meldonium.

She was upset with American gold medal winner Lilly King who named her as a drug cheat.

"What would she say about Michael Phelps?" she told reporters.  "Of course I'm not for doping and I've never used it on purpose....but I know there have been many occasions where people do it because they don't know or because they're stupid or naive.  There always should be another chance....when you are driving your car and you get a ticket you don't lose your license for life or get put in jail."  

And I agree with her, there should always be a second chance.  China and Russia have been caught cheating in front of the whole world and the athletes deserve another chance.  If the order did come from the top, as many believe it did, we could conclude that the athletes had little choice.

And if politicians can contain themselves and keep their noses out of sport, the 2020 Olympics in Japan could be the first clean, honest games to be held in decades.

Thanks to the article in the New York Times, the world finally found out the truth.

………A colleague stationed next door in the sample collection room would retrieve the correct bottles and pass them into the storage room through a circular hole cut through the wall near the floor, Dr. Rodchenkov said. During the day the hole was concealed by a small imitation-wood cabinet.
The sealed B bottles were handed over to the man Dr. Rodchenkov believed was a Russian intelligence officer, who would take them to an adjacent building. Within hours, Dr. Rodchenkov said, the bottles were returned to the storage room, their caps unlocked.